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Hospitality Fee

Every order includes a Hospitality Fee totaling 15% AT (after taxes), and all applicable sales taxes are included. 

This service fee is not a tip. The fee is intended to create a sustainable and equitable work environment for all staff members.

What happens to the money?

It is intended to provide a higher livable base wage to all employees as well as expand benefits such as subsidized health insurance, sick pay, paid parental leave, and more.

Can I still tip?

Of course! Gratuity is always welcome and split between all staff members on shift. 

Why not just raise prices?

Because the tipping model has been around for so long, we as consumers have gotten used to what we think food should cost. This model often leaves workers at the will of guests and creates a system rooted in performance and inequity. We feel strongly that our hardworking staff should have reliable income regardless of tips. We feel that we provide more transparency for staff and guests by adding the hospitality fee rather than raising individual item prices.

Why do I have to pay 15% extra to pick up my order myself? Where are the servers?

We are a fast-casual restaurant which allows us to get you your food quickly and efficiently. While we do not have traditional servers waiting on you at your table, we do have a full staff of hardworking individuals making sure your experience is great. Our staff arrives early, stays late, and are trained to anticipate your needs before you even have to ask. If you would like to provide feedback about your experience, please shoot us an email at